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COVID - 19 Disinfection & Sanitation

Professional COVID - 19 Virus Disinfection Services Available 24/7

A quick-spreading and infectious virus is a serious situation. On top of spreading through human contact, often the bacteria and germs found in these viruses can live on surfaces and objects for days. Along with refraining from close contact with infected people, it’s important to keep our daily environments safe and sanitized too. When it comes to disinfecting and sanitizing your home or office, The Builderz has contractors fully trained, ready and equipped to help.


Why You NEED The Builderz for Virus Disinfection and Sanitation?

Let's face it we all want to feel safe in our home or place of business at all times. Unfortunately COVID-19 has taken away this certainty of safety in our most comfortable or enjoyable places. The Builderz is here for you and we have taken precautions to safely continue to provide you with services. We are are fully prepared to keep your home or place of business sanitized and safe for you, your family or your customers. It is our goal comfort back to the homes and business places that need us.

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Here's How The Builderz Will Complete a Virus Disinfection & Sanitation For YOU

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Industrial-Strength Disinfectants: The Builderz uses approved CDC and EPA industrial-strength disinfectants to decontaminate and disinfect surfaces, objects, carpets, floors, walls, doors, and windows.

Hard Surfaces Sanitized: The first step in the process includes sanitation being applied to accessible hard surfaces. This is then left to dwell for about 20 minutes, while it deep cleans and disinfects.

Special Focus on High Traffic Areas: We especially focus on heavily sanitizing additional high touch areas like desks, computers, door and desk handles, and telephone handsets.

UBL Fogger: Finally, our team of experts will do a final sweep through and use the disinfection process with a UBL fogger to get a lot of those areas that we can’t physically hand-wipe.


Some Facilities We Disinfect and Sanitize

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Residential Homes

  • Day Cares

  • Gas Stations

  • Bars

  • Office Buildings

  • Hotels & Motels

  • Apartments

  • Schools

  • Assisted Living

  • Retirement Homes

  • Warehouses​

  • Shopping Centers

  • Churches

  • Sports Facilities

  • Car Dealerships

  • Entertainment Venues

  • Medical Offices

  • Government Offices

  • Healthcare and Hospitals

  • Emergency Response Vehicles

  • Ambulances

  • Fire Departments

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